The beauty of Chassahowitzka Wildife Refuge and the joy of old friendships ….

Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: Everglades Headwaters to Gulf Islands #Glades2Gulf ?Expedition Day 10 - Rest Day 2. ?"The Swamp" owned by Pat & Marly McMillan ?This mission of the Florida Wildlife Corridor is to protect a functional ecological corridor throughout Florida for the health of people, wildlife and watersheds. Learn more at   Photo by Carlton Ward Jr / As Florida?s human population has expanded, conservation lands have become increasingly isolated from one another, causing problems for numerous species of wildlife. The Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition shows that a statewide wildlife corridor is still possible and important for the future of people and wildlife.  The Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition team includes executive director Mallory Lykes Dimmitt, conservation photographer and project founder Carlton Ward Jr. and biologist Joe Guthrie whose Central Florida black bear research was the inspiration for the campaign. Beginning January 10, 2015, the team embarked on 925-mile trek to highlight a wildlife corridor from Central Florida to the Gulf Coast, through the Big Bend, and across the Panhandle all the way to Alabama.  The original Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition was a 1000-mile trek through peninsular Florida, from the Everglades on South Florida to the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia.Hi, friends and readers:

Every year at this time, on the second weekend in April, seven friends and I gather for a long weekend in the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Refuge on Florida’s Gulf coast, about 75 miles north of Tampa. One of my friends owns a private island in the refuge, passed down from his grandfather. It’s located in a very remote area; you must travel six miles by boat to get there, and it’s beautiful. This past weekend, I spent four days up there with my friends, most of whom I have known since grade school. We drink beer, cok great food, and fish from boats. It’s a great way to get in touch with nature and to stay in touch with my oldest friends.

The photo I’ve posted here depicts one of many creeks that flow through the Refuge. The place is beautiful and unspoiled, a part of Florida most tourists never see. As always, I had a wonderful time, even thought I collected a dozen bug bites and my nose is sunburned. Those are a small price to pay to spend four days in paradise.


Nice book review on “Becoming Andy Hunsinger” ….

happinessHi, friends and readers:

I just learned of a very complimentary book review of my new novel Becoming Andy Hunsinger appearing the Boys on the Brink book review site. Here’s wait the reviewer had to say about my book:

“This was my first foray into the work of Jere’ M. Fishback, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. What a compelling read this turned out to be, part coming-of-age tale, part romance. I also completely fell in love with the protagonist. Despite his flaws, his tendency to sleep around and give his heart away too easily, Andy won me over from the outset. He stands up for his ideals with a strength even he didn’t realize he possessed, and this, coupled with a genuine kindness, had me rooting for him to find the happiness he deserved.

“In Florida, 1975, homosexuality is frowned upon both by the law and society in general. College student Andy Hunsinger, therefore, has no desire to announce his sexuality to the world. He has so far kept it from his family and friends, fearful of earning their disappointment, or worse, their disgust. This all changes when Anita Bryant brings her homophobic “Save Our Children” campaign to Tallahassee. Talked into joining a demonstration along with some fellow LGBT students, Andy gives an interview to a television reporter, outing himself in the most public manner possible.

“With his secret out in the open, Andy discovers the freedom that comes from being true to himself and his sexuality. Of course, there are some who condemn his lifestyle, but he encounters just as many who are willing to embrace it, who admire him for his courage. For all Andy’s comfort in his own skin, however, the one thing he longs for most remains elusive. Love. After a string of hookups, he finds himself falling hard for his close friend Travis. Yet, with Travis struggling to reconcile being gay with his religious beliefs, Andy could be destined for more heartache.

Becoming Andy Hunsinger is an unusual book, one of the quirkiest I’ve picked up in a while. The plot has a fluidity about it, with no definite structure, no big climax at the end. Surprisingly though, this makes it no less captivating. In fact, the meandering style of the narrative, the way one event flows into the next, is reminiscent of real life, so that the story read as much like an autobiography as a fictional account, and I was entranced from start to finish.”

Well ….

It’s always nice for a writer to see his work appreciated by readers, and I couldn’t resist sharing this review with all of you.


The beauty of the Ocala National Forest ….

Lake GeorgeHi, friends and readers:

This past Saturday I loaded up my Honda Element, and then I drove northward to a friend’s home, about fifteen miles east of Ocala, and very close to the Ocala National Forest, a huge federal park with many hiking trails and natural attractions. Sunday afternoon, we hiked three trails in the park, and my favorite was definitely the Lake George Trail at the Silver Glen Springs recreation area. There’s a beautiful spring near the trail head, and then you walk eastward under towering live oaks draped in Spanish moss and long leaf pines that have to be two hundred years old.

Lake George is Florida’s second largest lake; it’s five miles wide and eighteen miles long. I’ve posted a photo of the lake taken at the end of the trail, s you’ll have some idea of what we saw yesterday. If you ever get a chance, visit this place. And you can swim in the spring, too. It’s wonderful.


St. Patrick’s Day sale at Torquere/Prizm Books: 40% off ….

skateboarderHi, friends and readers:

If you’ve been thinking about buying one my books published by Prizm Books, then today is a good day to buy one. For today only, you can get 40% off the usual retail price for Josef Jaeger, Tyler Buckspan, and Becoming Andy Hunsinger, The coupon code is: Lucky2015. Go ahead, it’s always nice to have a new book to read while you’re lying on the beach during Spring Break.

Happy reading, everyone.


Jere’ as a young man ….

Martin in canoe smallerHi, friends and readers:

People sometimes ask me, “What did you look like as a young man?”

H-m-m-m ….

I was skinny and I wore wire-rimmed eyeglasses. I never went anywhere without my guitar. I tended to enjoy alcohol and controlled substances. I was a horny bastard, about as promiscuous as they came back then, so how I survived this long is a minor miracle. That’s me in the photo to the left. I was taking a canoe trip on the Peace River, here in central Florida. The year was 1977, I think.

Was I happy back then? Sure I was. I had just begun practicing law. I had an amazing, albeit moody, boyfriend, and a wonderful Yellow Labrador who wasn’t moody at all. I spent many weekends canoeing and camping back then; it was cheap entertainment and so much fun. I’m happy now, of course, but sometimes I miss those days.


Interesting video clip: a flaming skateboarder ….

flaming skaterHi, friends and readers:

I came across this video clip recently and I knew I had to share it with my readers. I want to know how this was pulled of without the rider’s clothes or shoes getting set on fire,

I have a lot of respect for skateboarders, by the way. I have known many in my lifetime, and contrary to most peoples’ perceptions of skaters, I find most are bright and inquisitive guys who are dedicated to their sport. It takes a lot of practice and persistence to become an accomplished skater.

And by the way kids, even though the above video is tre cool, don’t try this at home. :-)


“Tyler Buckspan” is on the shelf at the Toronto Public Library ….

happiness #2Hi, friends and readers:

I received great news today. My Young Adult novel, Tyler Buckspan, which released in late 2013, is now on the shelves at eleven branches of the Toronto Public Library. I find that both amazing and gratifying. Yes, Tyler Buckspan is on the shelves at about ten U.S. public libraries (Sadly not in Florida.) but to have such a major metropolitan library acquire eleven copies really gets me excited. To me this means the Toronto library’s acquisition team has made a commitment to provide quality literature to LGBTQ youth in their city.

Why can’t more U.S. libraries do the same?

I like to think that somewhere in Toronto tonight there’s a gay boy reading Tyler Buckspan and thinking to himself, “Oh, I see some of myself in Tyler. I’m not so weird after all.” Or something like that. Maybe some student will even write a book report for school about Tyler Buckspan. How cool would that be? Here’s a link to the Toronto Public Library’s site, showing their listing for Tyler Buckspan:


Book tour announced for “Becoming Andy Hunsinger”: ….

Becoming Andy Hunsinger Banner 851 x 315Hi, friends and readers:

Prizm Books released my new novel, Becoming Andy Hunsinger, in late December 2014. In today’s publishing world, even well-established authors are obligated to help promote sales of their books through a variety of activities, including Internet “book tours.” Mine begins March 2, 2015.

Becoming Andy Hunsinger Button 300 x 225I will make appearances at a variety of Internet blogs and websites where books are reviewed and authors are interviewed. It’s actually a lot of fun, and a great way to introduce my books to a wider audience. Once the tour begins, I’ll free copies of digital and print versions of Becoming Andy Hunsinger will be awarded as prizes for drawings and contests. The tour should be fun.

Here’s the schedule:

March 2 Guest Post
Mythical Books
March 3 Spotlight and review
Wicked Wolves & Dreaming Dragons
March 4 Spotlight
Beppe DM Books Blog
March 5 Spotlight
BookwormBridgette’s World
March 6 Spotlight and review
Romantic Fanatic
March 9 Spotlight
Sapphyria’s Book Reviews
March 10 Spotlight
Zipper Rippers:
March 11 Guest blog
Andi’s Young Adult Books
March 12 Spotlight
Fang-tastic Books
March 13 Interview
Shut Up and Read
March 16 Interview
Happy Tails and Tales Blog
March 17 Guest blog
Roxanne’s Realm
March 18 Review
Ogitchida Kwe’s Book Blog
March 19 Interview
Author Karen Swart
March 20 Character Interview
Eclipse Reviews
March 23 Review
BFD Book Blog
March 24 Spotlight
Books Direct
March 25 Interview
Deal Sharing Aunt
March 26 Spotlight
Lisa’s World of Books
March 27 Guest blog
The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom
March 30 Spotlight
CBY Book Club
March 31 Guest blog
ARe Cafe



January discount coupon on all my Prizm Books titles ….

jumping in a fieldHi, friends and readers:

One of my publishers, Prizm Books, is holding a 15%-off sale on all their titles. The sale lasts until January 31, 2015, so if you would like to read my new release, Becoming Andy Hunsinger, or my other Prizm titles, Tyler Buckspan and Josef Jaeger, now’s a good time to buy them.

I’ll provide a link to the Prizm Books website at the end of this post. When you go on the site and choose whatever books you wish to buy, use this coupon code: “winter2015″.

Here’s a link to the Prizm Books website:

Happy reading, friends.


A beautiful surfing photo. Thoughts on appreciating nature ….

wave #3Hi, friends and readers:

I am the world’s crappiest surfer. I have surfed since I was a teenager, and that was a while back, but I wasn’t blessed with any natural athletic ability, so I am limited in how much progress I can make in any given sport. Just the same, I try to make the drive to Florida’s east coast several times a year, to surf at Cocoa Beach Pier. Someone sent me the photo I’ve posted here this morning, and I knew I had to share it with all of you. It reminds me so much of morning at the Pier, when I try to hit the water at sunrise. It’s so beautiful there, and when I’m bobbing on my board, waiting for my next ride, I try to remind myself just how lucky I am to be alive.

I think it’s terribly important to interact with nature on a regular basis. It keeps us human, I believe. And there’s no better way to appreciate nature than to ride a wave, even if you’re not the best of surfers.