Fall is in the air at Pass-a-Grille Beach ….

beach guyHi, friends and readers:

Every morning, around eight, I take a three-mile, barefooted walk on the beach down the street from my house, and afterward, at least during the warm months of the year, I take a nice dip in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a great way to start my day, and I return home feeling refreshed and ready to do some creative writing, especially after I enjoy a warm shower on our fenced-in patio.

sea oats #2Yesterday when I walked the beach I noticed some changes in my surroundings that portended the approach of fall in central Florida. The seat oats in our sand dunes were in full bloom. A nice breeze blew from the northeast, and the humidity seemed lower. I saw a snook fish cruising along the shoreline, and I watched brown pelicans dive-bomb pods of baitfish about forty yards off shore. If you have lived on Florida’s Gulf coast as long as I have, then you know these are all signs that fall is just around the corner.

I love this time of year in Florida ….


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