Old friends are treasures. Me and my German pal, Moritz ….

hamburg #2Hi, friends and readers:

This summer I spent time in Hamburg, Germany. I stayed with my friend Moritz and his girlfriend Melli. The photo to the left was taken at an open air beer garden on the Elbe River. I can’t tell you how good it felt to see Moritz again; it had been at  least three years since I last saw him in South Beach, when he was en route back to Germany from South America.

Back in 1998, Moritz came to live with me for an entire school year, as an exchange student. Of course we didn’t know each other at all when he arrived, but we quickly became the best of friends, and have remained so ever since. Moritz was only sixteen then, but very grown up for his age. He was also an excellent student and a  good soccer player.

I took Moritz to my fishing camp often; he loved it there. I took him to a Florida Gators football game, and also took him surfing on Florida’s East Coast; his first time trying the sport. I took him to the Grand Canyon to ride the mules down Bright Angel Trail. I got to know all his friends from the Florida high school he was attending; they were all good kids. The year went by really fast, and I was so sad to see him return to Germany when summer came.

Old friends like Moritz are a treasure, and it’s terribly important to stay in touch with them. I’m sure glad I went to Hamburg this year.


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