My new novel, “Dodging a Pearl”, is released ….

dodging-a-pearl-cover-smallerHi, friends and readers:

Today’s a big day for me. Createspace Publishing has just released my latest novel, Dodging a Pearl. Here’s the blurb for the book:

“Brad Schroeder is a trial lawyer with a taste for cocaine and prostitutes. An arrest costs Brad his marriage, his job, and his Winter Park address. Now, he’s starting a law practice in working class Cocoa Beach, attending NA meetings, and trying to raise his HIV-positive son. Can Brad beat his addictions and rebuild his life? Can Angela Stabile, a fellow addict and divorce lawyer, help Brad regain his confidence? Facing a devious adversary, will Brad prevail in a lawsuit he has filed on his son’s behalf? Most importantly, can he redeem himself in his doubting son’s eyes?”

This is a large book; it’s five hundred pages in length and unlike anything I have written before. The story takes place in both Orlando and in Brevard County, Florida. It deals with many issues: drug addiction, psychological angst, the HIV epidemic that spread through the U.S. hemophilia community in the 1980s, the benefits of psychotherapy, and the relationships between fathers and their sons.

I’ve very proud of this book. In the 1990s, when I still practiced law, I represented many families of boys with hemophilia who were infected with HIV via factor VIII concentrate, a product used to stop bleeds. And a good portion of this book is devoted to the litigation I pursued against the drug companies who made factor VIII concentrate.

If you are interested in buying Dodging a Pearl, click on the cover in the sidebar to the left and it will take you to the book’s listing on Amazon.



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