My novel, “The House on Fremont Drive”, is a Finalist in the 2016 Rainbow Awards ….

rainbow-award-finalistHi, friends and readers:

Every year the Rainbow Awards competition takes place. It’s an international contest involving several hundred LGBTQ-oriented books. Each entry is reviewed by a panel of judges.

I am pleased to announce that my novel, The House on Fremont Drive, is a finalist in this year’s competition in the Contemporary Gerneral Fiction category:

The House on Fremont Drive final cover smallerHere’s what one Rainbow Awards judge said about  my book:

“I wasn’t sure if it was an Young Adult novel or not, because most of the main characters are teens. But the themes, plot development, and ideas inside the book is all pretty adult stuff. In fact, it’s an intriguing mixture of’ characters and genres, from the paranormal tale to the Svengali-manipulation story and also a pretty sturdy YA romance, but in the end it all coheres and tells a pretty good story with a satisfying ending.”

I’ve never written a book like The House on Fremont Drive before, as it delves into several worlds I don’t normally write about: the occult, cross-country distance running, spousal and child abuse, psychological depression, and erotic asphyxiation. (Whew ….) It’s a big book, but I think it hangs together pretty well, and I’m glad I wrote it.


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