City Lights Bookstore, an American literary treasure ….

city-lights-bookstoreHi, friends and readers:

When I was in law school a roommate lent me a short fiction anthology written by Charles Bukowski and published by City Lights Bookstore. I liked the book so much I bought my own copy, which I still own.

City Lights is located in  the North Beach section of downtown San Francisco. It has been in operation since the 1950’s, when Beat Generation poets made it one of their unofficial headquarters. The store has a wonderful selection of books on multiple levels. Two years ago, my partner and I visited San Francisco, and I made a point of visiting City Lights to buy a few books, including an anthology of short stories written by Ry Cooder, who is also a wonderful guitar player and composer.

If you ever visit San Francisco, take the time  to visit City Lights, and help support it by purchasing a book or two. You won’t regret it.


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