A visit to Lambeau Field for a Packers game ….

lambeau-fieldHi, friends and readers:

My partner Greg is a Wisconsin native and a rabid Green Bay Packers fan. His family owns the rights to six season tickets to Packers home games. We spent this holiday season with Greg’s family, up in Door County, WI, a beautiful peninsula bounded on one side by Green Bay (the body of water) and on the other by Lake Michigan. Yes, it was cold, but oh so beautiful as well. Snow glistened on evergreens, the sun shone most every day, and things were quiet and peaceful.

On Christmas Eve, we attended a Packers game at Lambeau Field, which was a real treat. We tailgated beforehand, grilling brats over charcoal and drinking Miller Lite beer from frosty cans. There is such a sense of tradition at these games, and people were totally stoked for this one. The Packers defeated their arch-rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Our seats were excellent, very close to the field, at about the 35-yard line. What fun!

Anyway, in the photo I have posted, that’s me on the right, Greg on the left, and Greg’s brother Mike in the center. I will never forget this visit to Lambeau Field.


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