Camping in the snow. Have you ever tried it?

Glowing tent in snowy forest, Mt Hood in distance blows plume of snow, Winter stars shine above everything. A frozen stream bed flows below the ridge

Hi, friends and readers:

I came across this photo of people tent-camping in a snowy landscape, and I thought it was so cool I decided to put it up here for everyone’s enjoyment. It seems the photo was taken near Mt. Hood, in northwest Oregon. Notice all the stars in the sky?

I have camped many places, but I’m from Florida and we don’t get snow here, so I have never camped in a snowy place. I wonder what it’s like?

When I was in college two friends and I drove across country during Christmas break, in my buddy’s VW Beetle. When we got to the Grand Canyon there was snow everywhere and the temperature plunged once the sun went down. We bought food for our dinner at the supermarket in the park, and then we spent the night in a men’s room, which was heated. The park rangers knew we were there but they didn’t mind. What a great memory.


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