Hurricane Irma’s gone but not its aftermath ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It has been four days since Hurricane Irma slammed into the Tampa Bay area. Fortunately for us, the storm moved a bit eastward before it reached us, so we received only a “glancing blow”, as one weatherperson called it. My house, which is only about 100 yards from the Gulf of Mexico, was spared any damage, which is pretty miraculous. Aside from a fallen tree limb and a whole bunch of tree and plant debris that made a mess of my patios and yard, I was fine. It took me two days to clean everything up.

The bad part has been a complete loss of electrical power on my island. I spent two days “camping out” in my home, and then I threw in the towel Wednesday afternoon. I packed a few clothing items and toiletries, and then I drove down to Bradenton to stay with my ex-partner, who has electrical service. As I write these words I’m savoring his air conditioning and the quiet of his home while he is at work.

We’re told by the power company that power should be restored to my island by late Friday  night, so I may stay here until Saturday morning. All in all I feel very lucky.


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