About the author

Who are you?

I’m a Florida native, a former journalist, news editor and trial attorney. I’m a graduate of the College of Journalism at University of Florida, and the Florida State University College of Law.

I live on Florida’s Gulf Coast, on a barrier island west of Tampa, with my partner, Greg.

I began writing fiction during 2003, after I retired. I write novels, novellas and short fiction. I’ve also written a memoir piece titled Hydrangeas. It chronicles a period in my childhood, when I lived with my grandparents. It appears in Home Grown in Florida, a collection of works by native Floridians. The book was published by University Press at University of Florida, in 2012.

What have you published?

My first short story was published in a literary review called Sabal. I attended a writer’s conference at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, and my story, titled Crawford Creek, won the “best of” conference award in the short story category. You can purchase a copy of the 2007 edition of Sabal online from Eckerd College here:   Crawford Creek is a sort of ghost story. It takes place at my fishing camp on the Chassahowitzka River, north of Tampa.

During April 2009 the Prizm Division of Torquere Press  published my novel, Josef Jaeger, set in the early days of Nazi Germany. This is a 100,000 word book aimed at Young Adult readers, but it’s suitable for mature readers as well. The book won first place in the Young Adult division of the 2011 Rainbow Excellence Awards sponsored by the Rainbow Romance Writers Association. It’s also on the shelf at The Library of Congress. You can buy it at Prizm Books or you can buy it through the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

In August 2013, the Prizm Division of Torquere Press published my novel, Tyler Buckspan, set in the mid-1960s in rural Florida. This book is also aimed at Young Adult readers, but is suitable for mature readers as well. Tyler Buckspan placed second in the 2013 International Rainbow Awards competition chaired by Elisa Rolle and co-sponsored by the Rainbow Romance Writers Association. A purchase link can be found in the sidebar on my website’s home page.

In December 2013, through Amazon’s Createspace program, I published a 60,000-word fiction anthology titled Troubling Tales from Florida. This book is aimed at mature readers. The stories are, as the title indicates, disturbing narratives intended to chill your spine. Again, a purchase link for this anthology can be found on my website’s home page.

In December 2014 Prizm Books published my edgy young adult novel titled Becoming Andy Hunsinger. The book is set in the mid-1970’s, in Tallahassee, FL, when I attended law school at Florida State University. The story is not autobiographical, but certain events in the story actually happened at that time.

In May 2016, Dark Hollows Press released my lengthy novel, The House on Fremont Drive, a book quite unlike any I had previously written. It addresses issues of the supernatural and the possibility of afterlife, of racism, child abuse, psychological and depression. And it also delves into the subculture of cross-country distance running.

In September 2016 Creatspace Publishing released my newest novel, Dodging a Pearl,  which takes place in the late 1990s in central Florida. It’s partly a legal thriller, and partly the story of the main character’s self-discovery through mental health counseling, after is drug addiction brings his world crashing down around him.

In addition to the above, I publish erotica pieces — short fiction and novels — under a pseudonym. I do this because I don’t want the children in my family, or my friends’ kids,  finding this material when they Google Uncle Jeré’s name on the Internet. If you have a burning desire to read my erotic stories, send me an e-mail and I’ll provide you with my pseudonym. I have published erotic short fiction in over two dozen anthologies. I have also published three, single-author anthologies, and five novels, under my pseudonym.

Besides writing, what are your interests?

Reading, working out at the YMCA, exercising, distance running, swimming, and surfing on Florida’s east coast. I do quite a bit of traveling and often spend my summers in Europe, to escape the Florida heat. I like to cook and garden. I’m a beer and wine drinker. I live one hundred yards from a white sand beach and the Gulf of Mexico, and every evening I’ll watch sunset with my neighbors.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me via e-mail through this website. I’ll try to respond to every e-mail I receive, but please be patient. It might be a week or so before I reply.


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